Something to Chew On

October 24th at 2:30 PM Tom Emery will talk about Richard Rowett: Thoroughbreds, Beagles, and the Civil War. This presentation is a detailed, and often humorous, look at the life of Rowett (1830-1887), one of the understated figures of Illinois history. Rowett was the hero of the Civil War battle of Allatoona on Oct. 5, 1864, a Union victory that many scholars argue saved the proposed “March to the Sea” of William T. Sherman. After the war, Rowett became a nationally recognized breeder of thoroughbreds, including a Kentucky Derby winner, and is also credited as the first to introduce the true-bred beagle hound to America from his native England. Rowett was also an eccentric individual whose life is sprinkled with anecdotes that draw frequent laughs in this 45-minute program. Refreshments will be served.

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