Summer Reading 2012

It’s that time of year again…SUMMER READING!! Registration for the “Reading is so Delicious” Summer Reading Program starts on June 4th. Storyteller and author Brian “Fox” Ellis will be kicking off summer reading on Friday, June 8th at 6:00 pm by taking us on a culinary tour of the library through his stories. Reading and prizes begin the week of June 11th.

Reading and Prizes:

Our program is 6 weeks long, with prizes, stories, crafts and cooking activities every week! Children ages 0-3 years and school age children Pre-K- 2nd grade will be in the “Read to Me” category. For every 15 minutes that someone reads to these children, the adult will mark an X on the record sheet. After every hour spent being read to, the children can bring in their record sheet and claim their prize. The children in 3rd-6th grade are in the “Reader” category. A parent will record every 30 minutes they read and they will be able to claim a prize after 2 hours of reading. Once the children complete all six levels, their names will be entered to win the Grand Prize! The Read to Me grand prize for 0-3 years is a collection of board books. The Read to Me grand prize for Pre-K- 2nd grade is a LeapPad Learning Tablet. The Reader grand prize is a handheld video game system. Our teens (7th grade – 12th grade) and adults will record every book read to be entered into our weekly prize drawing. Every book entered gets you one step closer to winning the grand prize which is a Kindle for the teens and a Kindle for the adults.

Story time and Crafts:

We will explore healthy snacks, pasta, pizza, fruits and vegetables, sweet treats, and ice cream during summer reading this year! Monkey Joe will be joining us for story time on Tuesday, June 26th at the Matherville Old School Park, and on Thursday, June 28th at the Sherrard Public Library! We will be reading a few stories and doing a craft that coincides with the stories. We will be with the Mobile Library at Matherville Old School Park on Tuesdays and at Coyne Center Fire Station on Wednesdays. Story time and craft will take place at the Sherrard Library on Thursdays. All story times start at 11:00 AM. Sign-up sheets will be available starting June 4th , but it is not required.

Cooking Activities:

Chef Brandon from Hy-Vee will be at the Sherrard Public Library for a cooking presentation for the kids on Friday, June 15th at 2:00 pm and Friday, June 22nd for the teens. Other cooking activities include:

Kids:                                                     Teens:

June 29th – Mini Pizzas                        July 6th – Fruit and Veggie Pizza

July 13th – Decorating Cupcakes         July 20th – Make Ice Cream

Final Party and Grand Prizes:

The magician Richard Landry and his magic rabbit Snowball will be entertaining us at our final party on Saturday, July 21st at 1:30 pm. The Grand Prize winners will be announced after the show!

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New rules for Video Games and Computers

Starting June 1st there are going to be some new rules for the use of computers and game systems. From June 1st to August 15th, the following limitations are going to be in place:

1. The game systems (xbox, gamecube, playstation) will only be available for use from 2pm to 7pm M-F and 9am-12pm on Saturday. They will not be available for public use any other time.
2. Computer #1 is for adult use only. You must be over 18 to use this computer.
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Military Appreciation Month

The Sherrard Public Library District is celebrating National Military Appreciation Month by declaring the month of May as a special time to show our active duty military personnel, veterans and reserves from all branches of the military, and their families that we care. On Thursday, May 31st at 6:00pm we will be creating care packages and crafts to send to soldiers. We will have guest speakers from the Rock Island Arsenal at 7:00pm.

Please stop by the Sherrard Library or the Mobile Branch to donate items to send to our active duty military troops. We have proved a list of items that you can donate below and a printed list is available at our library.

If you have a friend or family member currently serving in a combat zone and would like to suggest they receive a care package please stop by the library and fill out a request form.


  • POWDER DRINK MIX (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)
  • TUNA & CHICKEN SALAD (in foil pouches, or ready-to-eat kits (no cans)
  • CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS accepted from OCTOBER through MARCH (it will melt in high temperatures!)
  • COFFEE (Ground or whole; instant or drip. Ground is preferred)
  • Hot Chocolate packets, Herbal teas
  • Hard Pretzels / Cheetos / Fritos / Chex Mix / Wheat Thins / Ritz
  • Gum / Hard Candy (must be individually wrapped in large bags)
  • Granola Bars / Power Bars / Cereal Bars / Cliff Bars
  • Fig Newtons, Oreos, Cheese & Crackers – Small Packs
  • Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, Granola, Fruit Roll-Ups / Fruit By The Foot / Fruit Gummies
  • DRY SOUP: (Ramen Noodles / Cup-O-Soup: just add water)
  • NUTS: Peanuts, Mixed Nuts (salted preferred)
  • MICROWAVE FOOD (Popcorn, Chef-Boy-R-Dee, Mac’n'Cheese…)
  • COOKIES / Girl Scout Cookies (with chocolate: Oct. – Feb. only!)
  • Rice Krispie Treats (Store-bought only)
  • Little Debbies & Hostess cake products
  • Oatmeal Packs (Instant: just add water)
  • Cereal (Small, individual boxes)
  • Condiments, Spices; Sugar; Salad Dressing (no glass jars)
  • Caffeinated gum or candy (to stay alert)


  • BATTERIES: (AA, AAA, C & 9 Volt are the most requested)
  • DVD Movies (new or used - recent releases only, please!)
  • Xbox Games, PSP, PS2 & PS3 Games (new or used)
  • iTune Gift Cards
  • 35 mm disposable cameras
  • Computer Flash Drives & Thumb Drives
  • Portable CD players / head phones
  • Electronic handheld games
  • Small homemade gifts - reminders & comforts of “home”
  • Small photographs or posters of scenery for their tents & walls
  • Pens & mechanical pencils, small note pads
  • Stationery & Envelopes; blank cards to send home
  • Double-sided tape, small crafts kits, scrap-booking items
  • Day planners / Calendars / Small, Pocket Calendars
  • Game Books: (Crossword Puzzles / Word Search Books / Math Puzzle books / MAD LIBS / Logic Problems / Sudoku)
  • Yo-Yo’s, Dominoes, Playing Cards (new), Poker Chips & Mats, Dice
  • Board games (UNO, Othello, Checkers – travel size is great, too!)
  • Dart Boards (regular or magnetic – any size)
  • Nerf Footballs / Whiffle bats, balls & Mitts / Sports equipment
  • Frisbees / Hackey sacks
  • Music CDs, Magazines & Books


  • BABY WIPES (travel size)
  • HAND SANITIZER (travel size)
  • Body Wash, Liquid Soap, Facial Cleanser
  • Shampoo /Conditioner (travel size)
  • Hair Gel (for female troops to pull hair back)
  • Combs / Brushes / Bobby Pins (in original packaging, please)
  • Deodorant (travel size)
  • Razors (disposable or “Intuition” or “Mach 3″ types)
  • Shaving Cream in Tubes / Shaving Soap (No CANS of Shaving Cream, please!)
  • Lip balm / Chap Stick / Carmex / Blistex
  • Baby Powder & Foot Powder (travel size)
  • Tissues (individual packs; travel size only)
  • Hand & Body Lotion / Moisturizer (travel size)
  • Sunblock, SPF 45, Zinc, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel
  • Bug Spray / DEET / Skin-So-Soft
  • Mouthwash (travel size)
  • Toothpaste & Toothbrushes & Dental Floss
  • Breath Mints / Breath Strips
  • Lozenges / Cough Drops
  • Loufa Sponges / Buff Puffs / Washcloths
  • Nail files / Emery Boards / Nail Clippers
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Cotton Swabs (i.e. Q-tips) – also used to clean guns!
  • Cotton Balls
  • Band-aids, Gauze Pads, First Aid Kits / Ace bandages, Icy Hot or Bengay cream
  • Moleskin
  • Shoe Insole Cushions (gel kind is best)
  • Tylenol, Motrin, Advil or Aspirin Packets
  • Eye Drops (i.e. Visine)
  • Nasal Spray
  • Vitamins (multi-vitamins are always needed!)


  • LINENS: Pillow cases, twin sheets, towels (green & tan)
  • T-SHIRTS: Cotton green & tan under shirts – new (Sizes: M, L & XL)
    [Note: The DOD banned "Under-Armor" shirts due to its material being potentially flammable & bad reactions to open wounds.]
  • FLASHLIGHTS – SMALL (battery operated. Surefire Brand preferred)
  • AIR FRESHENERS (standalone-not plug-in. Car types are also good)
  • SOCKS: Black, Olive Green & White (cotton or wool)
  • PHONE CARDS – Pre-
  • Gift Cards to send home to loved ones (for Restaurants, Supermarkets)
  • Small toys (Beanie babies) & school supplies for Iraqi & Afghan children
  • Patriotic knick-knacks, USA flags, flags from your state, bandanas, baseball hats, football jerseys, banners to tack on their walls or tents.
  • Black or Green duct tape, small tool kits, dust masks, carpentry tools, Fly swatters, fly paper, mosquito netting, bug repellent in plastic pump bottles only (NO AEROSOL CANS, PLEASE!)
  • Paint brushes, adhesive wall hooks, sponges
  • Generic sunglasses (Ballistic, black only. No “mirror” types)
  • Alarm Clocks (Small in size; wind-up or battery-operated)
  • Fleece Blankets (Yes, it gets very cold in the winter over there!!)
  • Disposable Hand warmers and Foot warmers (in the wintertime)
  • Winter Hats
  • Water Bottles, Travel Mugs & Thermoses with Lids, (for Coffee, Tea & Soup)
  • Elixir & Water Purification Tablets for Camelbaks
  • Holiday and Seasonal Decorations
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